Which Sport is the “Easiest” to Win at For New DFS Players?

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One of the biggest questions that newer fantasy sports players ask is “which sport gives me the best chance to win?” The obvious answer is the one that you’re most familiar with as it limits the amount of research needed and provides more opportunities for ‘gut feeling’ plays that can be the difference between wins and losses. That being said, one of the best benefits of being a member at one of the major DFS sites is the ability to play multiple sports and thus increase your chances to win on a nightly basis. Each sport has their pros and cons, here’s how newer players can attack each of them.


Football is arguably the easiest for newer players to be successful at, mostly for the fact that there is an entire week to research the games, players, and matchups. Of course, opponents also have this same advantage so it’s very crucial to play against players of the same skill level. The best way to win DFS football matchups is by loading up on opportunities for those who touch the ball – an offensive coordinator who loves to throw the ball or a RB whose team will be churning out the clock thanks to a big lead. Football is the most popular sport in America and since there are fewer games and only one per week, DFS players can find plenty of games and opponents for more opportunities to win.


The main reason basketball DFS games can be difficult to master is because of the scarcity of the player pool. For example, not only are the starting lineups much smaller than all the other sports, in basketball roughly 20% of the players score 80% of the points. You will see a lot of very similar lineups across entrants in basketball DFS games but this could also reduce the amount of variables and could give you a better chance of winning. You’re essentially playing 3 on 3 with your lower salary players since most of your opponents will also draft the stars of the league – thus canceling each other out. One important thing to remember when playing DFS basketball is understanding the scoring of the site you’re playing at as rebounds, assists, turnovers, steals, 3-pointers, etc. are all graded differently.


The name of the game when playing DFS baseball is finding a matchup and exploiting it. What this usually boils down to is a pitcher that is struggling, a taxed bullpen, the wind blowing out, or a hitter-friendly park. What exploiting these weaknesses means is finding that mismatch and piling on with multiple players from the same team in a strategy known as stacking the lineup. Having multiple players on an offense that produces good scoring lets you double-dip with points is that a hit and an RBI also likely earns you a run scored and additional total bases if the two players are on your team.


DFS hockey is played less than the other three leagues but is still convenient to win at if you’re familiar with the sport. Most sports fans have a passing knowledge of at least baseball, football, and basketball but with hockey not-so-much. This makes it extra important to check the skill level of your opponent to make sure you’re on roughly the same expertise. Beginners can win at DFS hockey by once again finding a mismatch, most often with an opponent’s goaltender but also a tired defense or a team that commits a lot of penalties. Hockey is also an optimum lineup stacking sport, especially with players on the same power play line as a goal can also net you an assist and improve +/- two-fold.

A lot of the MMA, Nascar, and golf games can also be won by beginners but rely on research for the individual event. The biggest advantage any DFS participant can have is experience, but it never hurts to pocket some money while gaining this valuable experience.


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