Should You Play Daily Fantasy Sports Every Day?

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One of the biggest advantages of daily fantasy sports such as baseball, hockey, or basketball is that you can win money just as the name implies – daily. There’s no more waiting around for everybody in your season-long league to pay their entry fees and there’s no more risks of your league commissioner heading to the roulette table in an effort to double up the pot for the league and failing miserably.

Although daily winnings are appealing and although DFS isn’t ‘technically’ gambling, there’s an old adage in sports betting that if you want to be successful you shouldn’t wager every day. What this basically amounts to is the motto of ‘betting when you see an advantage’ instead of ‘betting just to bet.’ It raises a pretty good question though – should you play DFS (nearly) every day?

Playing Consistently Gives You Experience

Supposedly every day you play DFS you are getting a little better. Even in losses you learn why a gut instinct was wrong, how you should have ordered your lineup differently, or how factors you thought were important (player returning to hometown, player’s wife having a baby) really didn’t affect the final outcome. If it takes you, say, 25 games to fine tune your skills and get a real good grasp of DFS then it would make obvious sense to play every day and get that experience under your belt ASAP to start making real money.

What Is Your Bankroll or Reason to Play?

One of the great things about learning to play DFS is that you can play free games in order to gain that 25+ nights of experience. Once you do start playing for bigger stakes whether or not you play every night will depend on your bankroll. If you’ve strung together a couple wins and are playing with house money there’s absolutely nothing wrong with setting a lineup every single day. That being said, if you’ve already made your weekly profit goal it never hurts to cash out and start new at the beginning of a new week. The more you play, the more you can win but that also works conversely with losses as well (play more – lose more).

Don’t Get Out of the Loop Too Long

MLB, NBA, and NHL seasons are a grind and that goes for not only the athletes, but the DFS players as well. There’s really no way around it that the best way to stay ‘in the loop’ on a sport is to stay up to date on the games, players, and teams on pretty much a daily basis. When you set lineups and check stats nightly you have a better grasp for who is on a hot streak, who is in the coach’s doghouse, who is battling injury, etc. Even if you don’t play for money every night it’s not a bad idea to either play for free or at least follow the stats.

A Few Days Off Can Clear Your Head

If you’re in a losing streak and absolutely hemorrhaging your bankroll it’s a great strategy move to take a couple nights off and recharge your batteries. In this instance it might not even hurt to ignore the games altogether and start with fresh takes after a couple days.

It’s Good to Ride a Hot Streak

DFS success involves a lot of research but also plenty of luck. Nobody knows for sure whether your luck is brought on by an aura or just being incredibly tuned in to your stats and reads but when you’re riding a hot streak in daily fantasy sports it’s definitely good to milk it dry…although most players don’t need us telling them that.

So in the end should you play DFS every day? The answer to that is a resounding…depends.

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