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One of the biggest assets a DFS player can have is an in-depth knowledge of the sport they are playing. That being said, most of the big winners in this day and age of daily fantasy sports popularity are those who rely on statistics, analyticals, and probabilities with literally zero hours ever logged eating wings and drinking tallboys at a sports bar. In reality, the best success comes from a combination of sports knowledge and studying the numbers and luckily there are a number of online tools that can help with both.

RSS Feeds


RSS feeds are found at a number of sporting sites (Fox Sports, Yahoo, ESPN) and can be sorted to include all sports or specific ones. They work almost like a social media news feed but instead of endless pictures of other people’s kids or dumb viral videos they provide refreshing sports headlines as they are published. RSS news feeds are a great way to keep in the loop about a player who may be battling injuries or sitting in the coaches doghouse so that you can change your lineups accordingly.

Reference (Stats) Sites


Sites such as pro-football-reference, baseball-reference, or basketball-reference are a great way to view stats, game logs, and splits such as home/away or versus a specific team. You’ll have to have a player in mind before you research them but it’s a great way to confirm or deny your lineup choices.

Versus Position Charts

sporting-charts is a great site to view how a team ranks across a number of categories. It also provides great positional chart rankings such as how many fantasy points are given up to running backs or how a team fares against power forwards, etc.

Vegas Odds


A quick glance at the Vegas odds (bodog, sportsinteraction, covers), specifically the totals, will tell you which games are supposed to be the highest scoring of the night according to the wise guys. Obviously selecting players who participate in these games gives you a better chance of succeeding in your daily fantasy games. It’s also smart to look at the money lines of the game (+250, -125, etc.). Teams that are + large margins are huge underdogs to win which in football could mean more passing opportunities or for baseball short starting pitcher outings (big days for opposing hitters).

Expert Consensus Rankings

You should always do your research independently without an outside source in your ear but after you are done it never hurts to compare your takes with others in the field. Through various websites and Twitter feeds you can see the hot plays of the night. This information is helpful for two reasons – 1) for consistency and an accurate floor/ceiling ratio for playing head to head or 50/50 games and 2) for contrarian plays in guaranteed prize pool games to select players that are off the mainstream radar.

Daily Baseball Data

A site that should be checked religiously during baseball season which includes information about that day’s weather as well as batter v. pitcher, bullpen usage, and many other valuable charts. On a side note, weather should also be checked in football games to see if wind, rain, or snow affects a passing or kicking game.

Team Schedules


Team schedules can be found almost anywhere and should be used to check a player’s fatigue level based on past games or if they may underperform due to looking ahead to the next opponent or because of anxiety to get home off the last game of a long road trip.

Each DFS player constructs their lineup a little differently and you’ll soon find which of these tools (or others) are most beneficial to your success.

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