Is Starting Off DFS Playing Free Games Really Worth It?

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Most people who start to play daily fantasy sports for the first time are enticed by the thought of a free payment at the end of every night for doing something they love and/or are good at. It’s true, DFS games can be a significant source of extra income – provided the person has a sound strategy and is responsible with their bankroll. Part of the learning curve of daily fantasy sports is figuring out how to construct a lineup and finding which types of games and sports the player performs better at (leagues, head to head, 50/50). Although this education can be very valuable, it doesn’t have to be costly when utilizing DFS free games.

Of course many players want to jump right in and start winning big money, understandably. Even if you have played season-long fantasy sports for years, DFS games are a different animal and do take some seasoning to truly understand the nuances of the game. Therefore it’s recommended to at least take a week (or more) playing the free daily games to get comfortable with those variations…and here’s why:

Avoid Frustration of Losing Your Bankroll 

Nothing takes the fun out of daily fantasy sports quite like consistently losing and thus losing all your money. Since there are different rules, strategies, and scoring for daily games compared to season long leagues the first few times you play are about learning these differences. With free games available, there’s simply no reason to blow some of your bankroll before you fully understand how DFS operates. You can still deposit money and get your sign-on bonus, just don’t rush into money games until you’ve consistently done well in the free offerings.

Learn How to Devise Lineups Based on the Games

One of the main reasons for playing free games instead of money DFS events to start off with is so you learn how lineups work across the different sports. It’s important to find a right mesh of your salary between star players and sleepers and to understand which types of players work better based on the type of contest you enter (tournaments, leagues, head to head games, etc.).

See Which Site You Like Playing at Better

The free games also serve as a trial version of sorts to determine what interface you are more comfortable with between DraftKings, FanDuel, and some of the other DFS sites out there. Many DFS participants have accounts at both sites and it’s always important to take advantage of the better sign-up promotions but playing the free games is a no-strings-attached evaluation.

Try Out Different Game Types

Another reason to start off playing the free games is to see which type of game you enjoy playing more. You may find more success in 50/50 contests or like the competitiveness of a head to head matchup. There aren’t many free guaranteed prize tournaments but getting good at the lower stakes games will allow you to eventually build up a bigger bankroll and essentially enter those tournaments with your winnings – essentially making them free.

Evaluate if the Daily Games are for You

Finally, it’s important to play the free version of daily fantasy games to see if you like them. Some people prefer the camaraderie of a season-long league with friends and others simply don’t have enough time between getting off work, doing research, and entering a lineup before that night’s games start. The free games are essentially an evaluation because DFS does take some time and effort in order to be successful over the long haul.

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