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These days with daily fantasy sports booming and stakes seemingly getting higher and higher, more players are looking for a way to gain an advantage. Sure, you can play for fun without doing a ton of research, but the top players and highest earners are all putting serious time into perfecting their lineups. There are tons of sites out there designed to help you find your optimal lineup, but few dive as deep as

Fantasy Labs was founded by several people that have turned DFS into a career, including DFS legends Jonathan Bales and Peter Jennings. Also they recently received an investment from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. The object of the site is to give you all the tools you need in order to succeed all in one convenient location.

The first thing you’ll notice on the homepage is the bevy of advice articles available to you, the subscriber. Some articles run down a specific day’s slate of games, while some may touch on broader subjects such as the idea of hunting bargains. They have a slew of authors and provide useful tips on both DraftKings and FanDuel. So far, the only sports they cover are NFL, NBA, MLB and PGA. The idea is a grand one for FL, to provide “tools for the smart players” and to help dedicated DFS enthusiasts to master their niche and find monetary success in the process.

Elite Advice Content

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The nice thing about Fantasy Labs is they don’t just push out regurgitated, run of the mill content. You’re not coming to FL for some waiver wire pickups or deep sleepers that no one cares about. Instead, you’re finding useful, unique data and its being presented to you in a way that you can both understand and manipulate as you so choose.

In other words, FL is putting the power of DFS data in your hands and telling you to figure out how to win. That, or you can also just take it at face value and rely on how the pros set up their player models and ratings.

But this isn’t just a website with some data for you to pilfer through. They’re also constantly pushing the envelope with elite advice content coming from DFS players just like you that go through the trial and error process and come back to report on it.

The best example may be Matthew Freedman’s unique look on logic and philosophy in daily fantasy sports via his The Labyrinthian column. Full of wit and creativity, Freedman’s write-up also explores logic to it’s core, both through data and through human processing.

Why do we do what we do, think the way we think and ultimately end up being the reason for our winning and losing? Freedman covers it all as he takes a different look at the drafting process in his ongoing themed piece.

Freedman’s journey through DFS with an analytical twist is just one of many advice pieces FL throws at you, and they range from slate breakdowns, podcasts and more. If you want top notch daily fantasy content that will engage you and make you think, look no further. Fantasy Labs has it in spades.

Player Models

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Tired of just guessing your way to mediocre results in daily fantasy sports? Need some type of grading scale for players and situations? Start with the Player Models over at Fantasy Labs, and you’ll be well on your way to letting the numbers do your bidding.

They have statistics for just about anything one could want, and their Player Models page gives you an inside view at what the “pros” value. Industry legend Jonathan Bales and NBA projection guru Justin Phan map out how they see each NBA slate on a daily basis, allowing you to use their perspective on player salaries, value, matchups and more. The best part? You can boycott their take completely and build your own model suited specifically for your game type and what you value the most, or even better, you can start with their models and warp them until they fit into your unique style.

One look at the Player Models section and you’ll quickly see the benefits. Using Justin Pham’s model from earlier in January (above), you can see Rockets center Dwight Howard was rated #1 overall. This rating was reached based off of various criteria, including price value, matching, floor, ceiling and the list goes on.

This is just one example, but with the Player Models tool you can go through each position, or sort by All and see who Pham (or Bales) views as the best plays, either overall on the slate, or based on various criteria.

You can even adjust it yourself with the Builder on the right side of the Players Model page, which also allows you optimize your lineup (we’ll touch on that more later). The Builder allows you to incorporate your own perspective and levy what you deem the most important, whether it be value, matchup, Vegas odds and on and on. The point? You basically have two experts giving you in depth insight for the entire night, while news and ratings are constantly being updated throughout your lineup building process.

In summary, you can take the Player Models for what they are, as you see them and use direction and insight from the experts to help you build the ideal DFS rosters, or you can map it out with your own direction in mind. Regardless the route you prefer, you don’t have to go it alone in DFS anymore, and even better, you can get where you need to get, well informed.


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With the Trends tool, you can find players that fall under any number of criterion to help you make informative decisions that will hopefully lead to an optimal DFS lineup. If you want a guy that plays a ton, is both productive and efficient with a high usage rate, you can easily find them by searching for that criteria using the Trends tool.

Want a guy playing an average of 35 minutes a game over the last month? Enter that yourself. Want a guy averaging 24 points per game on the season? Easy. Almost anything you could ever want to search for is here at your fingertips.

The days of guessing about sleepers or hoping an elite player lives up to your expectations are (for the most part) over. You can’t control how the players and games pan out, but you can control how you decipher all of the information, as it is now completely at your fingertips. It’s up to you what stone will or won’t be turned over and how you decide to use the information you discover. With Fantasy Labs, you don’t get all the answers handed to you, but you absolutely have the tools to seek most of them out. The Trends section is just one more handy way to go about doing your DFS detective work.

Lineup Optimizer

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Another handy tool is the Lineup Optimizer. When you have the players you’ve targeted all ready to go, Fantasy Labs can help you calculate the best possible lineup that you can form out of the player pool, based on projections. You can “lock” players into your lineup by clicking the padlock icon in the models page, and they’ll appear under the “Lineups” tab on the right side of the page:

So, you’ve got a few players locked in that you absolutely want in your lineup, but you’re having a hard time figuring out how to finish it out. Just let Fantasy Labs do that for you. Hit that “Optimize” button and FL with spit out what they deem to be the best way to complete the set:

Let’s say you don’t want Kyle Anderson in there, though. You can just hit the “x” icon on the right side next to his name and optimize again. This time, Fantasy Labs will give you a lineup with whomever they decide is the next best option, excluding anyone you “x’d”.

If you decide you want a bevy of different lineups created, Fantasy Labs can do that, too. Underneath your lineup you’ll see the “Generate Multiple Lineups” option. Once you push that, FL will give you a few options. You can tell them how many lineups you’d like to generate, how many players from the same team you’d want, and even which positions you’d like represented in the “UTIL” roster spot.

And there you go. Multiple lineups at your disposal. You can save your lineups (by clicking “save lineups”) and they’ll be available to you under the “My Lineups” tab at the top for future reference.


From elite advice content to optimal lineups and specific player rating, Fantasy Labs does a fantastic job of both putting the information in your hands and maximizing your ability to apply it to your own preferences. Daily fantasy sports – and in this case daily fantasy basketball – just got a whole lot smarter and oddly enough, a whole lot easier, as well.

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