9 Best FREE tools for Daily Fantasy Sports players

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If your like many others that don’t want to spend money on DFS tools that may not work for you, then here goes 9 tools that are free that can certainly give you an extra edge at no cost. This list is in no particular order as each of these sites can help you in different ways..

* Be sure to bookmark this page as we will keep it updated with new free tools as we become aware them.

1. Draft Hacker

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Ofcourse we have to put ourselves on the list lol.. Here at Draft Hacker we provide the top stories from around the DFS industry. No need to visit 10 different sites to get the info you need to win, we curate the best content from around the industry and we bring it straight to you. We also provide optimal lineups created by our Daily Fantasy experts each day.

2. Roto Tracker

Screenshot 2015-12-07 13.51.45Roto Tracker allows you to upload and analyse your DFS results from multiple DFS sites with just a few clicks. They currently supports FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo and DraftDay. With RotoTracker you can see how well you’ve performed with advanced reporting, filtering and charts. No other DFS bankroll tracking tool has the breadth and depth you need to drill down in your results and really understand your performance.

3. Super Lobby

Screenshot 2015-12-07 13.38.16

The SuperLobby shows you all the upcoming contests at all the major Daily Fantasy Sports operators. Just like the lobbies for FanDuel and DraftKings, players can sort contests across both sites using a variety of criteria.

There are also a few options you won’t find at the lobbies at FanDuel and DraftKings:
Rake: The lobby tells players what percentage of each entry fee goes to the site itself.
Overlay: If a contest features a guaranteed prize pool, the lobby tells players how far under the guarantee the contest is.

A tracker at the top of the website also keeps tabs on the total amount of guaranteed prize pools available across both sites, as well as the total amount of overlay across all contests.

4. Roster Nerds

Screenshot 2015-12-07 13.43.29

Roster Nerds is a DFS lineup optimizer for NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and even college football and college basketball. They currently support FanDuel, DraftKings, and Draft Day. You can lock or block players, pick a timeframe of games, or search for your favorite players.

5. RotoGuru

Screenshot 2015-12-07 13.46.47

Rotoguru is a great resource to see who the leading DFS scorers were the night before. You can even go further back to a certain date and see how a certain player performed.

6. Fantasy Cruncher

Screenshot 2015-12-07 13.48.00

Fantasy Cruncher offers a variety of different tools for DFS players. Their free tool that is very useful is the lineup rewind, which lets you look into yesterdays lineup to see what the perfect lineup looked like. With this info you can see what the player mix was..(Was it well balanced? How many bargain plays were used if any? Who shows up consistently? etc.)

7. Lineup Chatter

Screenshot 2015-12-07 13.48.59

Lineup Chatter provides a place to consolidate all of your DFS lineup information into one central place using a crowd-sourced method, categorizing the information by player and by league. In addition to player and team feeds, they also have a lineup feed view which allows you to import your DFS lineup for that day and receive updates on only those players. It’s a lot easier to catch a note about a last minute lineup change without all the clutter.

8. FantasyPros

Screenshot 2015-12-07 14.08.26

Fantasy Pros offer a variety of free tools for DFS players that are both easy to use and very insightful. They offer a Lineup optimizer, Value plays, Cheat sheets, and Salary Changes. This is a very valuable tool to help you get some ideas on players to draft that you may not have thought about at first.

9. CBS Sports (Injuries)

Screenshot 2015-12-08 12.21.33

Although not built specifically for DFS, every DFS player should stay up to date with injuries. CBS Sports makes it easy to see which teams is dealing with injuries. Best of all its free to use.


So which tools are you using? Did we miss anything for this list? If so, let us know in the comments below. As always, Goodluck with your lineups!

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