5 Best Daily Fantasy Analytic Tools

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Looking to get the upper hand in your daily fantasy leagues? Check out these 5 Daily Fantasy analytics companies that will give you the extra edge you need to make winning decisions.

*This article will be updated frequently as we became aware of more tools.

1. Fantasy Labs

Screenshot 2015-09-26 14.26.31

Price: $59 per month


  • Player models
  • Line up Optimizer
  • Trends
  • Up to date Lineups
  • Exclusive content

FantasyLabs is looking to be a major player in the DFS industry. From there great tools to there terrific staff made up of sports analytics veterans and some of the best DFS players. FantasyLabs was created to turn you into a profitable daily fantasy sports player. Everything they offer is geared toward allowing you to create your own fantasy trends and build (and immediately test) your own models and lineups. Through cutting-edge data, tools, and content, there ultimate goal is to equip you with the information you need to make money in DFS.

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2.  Daily Fantasy Nerd

Screenshot 2015-09-26 14.31.29

Price: $14.99 per month


  • analyze stats
  • weather & vegas lines
  • game logs
  • bankroll tracker
  • optimal lineup builder

Daily fantasy nerd gives you cutting edge DFS tools used by the pros to help you create better lineups in less time. Their lineup optimizer uses sophisticated algorithms to produce optimal lineups based on our projections.

Daily Fantasy Nerd provides a comprehensive yet concise set of stats that would normally take hours to aggregate on your own. These stats are color-coded to help you easily identify top players for the day.

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3. Swish Analytics

Screenshot 2015-09-26 14.35.39

Price: $20 per month (per sport)


  • Up to the second injury updates,
  • line up optimizer,
  • pre made lineups depending on your risk level.
  • Point projections
  • Advanced stats

Swish Analytics daily fantasy optimizer ‘Optimus X’ makes it easy to build the perfect optimized daily fantasy lineup, all to your exact specifications. Want to avoid players from a specific game, build your lineup around certain players or prioritize certain positions?

OPTIMUS X works by allowing you to effortlessly and intuitively input those factors, players, teams and more that you emphasize when constructing your daily fantasy lineups. Once selected, OPTIMUS X goes to work producing the best possible lineup for you.

Don’t have time to look thru all the stats? well they have Specialized lineups designed to fit your every contest preference based on the level of risk.

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4. Basketball Monster & Baseball Monster

Screenshot 2015-09-26 14.19.43

Price: $69 per season (per sport)


  • weather
  • Advanced stats
  • stats for 12 different DFS sites
  • player rankings
  • player projections
  • up to date injuries
  • odds
  • Plus much more

Basketball monster offers everything you will need in order to make a winning line up. This is definitely one of our favorite tools. The downside is that i can be overwhelming at first, but once you get used to it  it will become your go to tool.

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5. Numberfire

Screenshot 2015-09-26 14.15.12

Price: $19 month


  • ‘Most used’ ‘most like’ ‘Best value’ player list
  •  user submitted line ups

Whether you’re a long time DFS player or a new player just dipping your toe into the water, our optimal lineups are an easy way to get started. Their lineups combine our algorithmic projections with mathematical strategies for risk management and exposure to give you a new, winning lineup every day of the week.

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